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Reusable Paper Towels

One cloth replaces 17 rolls! Seven👏 teen👏 rolls   
All natural, anti-bacterial AND compostable. A triple threat! 
Secret talent: absorbs 20x its own weight in liquid. 
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3 ways to wash your reusable paper towels:

1. Good old-fashioned hand-wash with soap and water.

2. Machine wash. Let them mingle with your socks. Air dry.

3. Place them on the top rack of your dishwasher during a cycle. 


“Where have you been my whole life? I found the solution to the nasty, drippy microfiber cloth I was using in my kitchen!” 

“Looks great, cleans great, love them! I was very skeptical (especially after trying other similar products) but cleans well and holds up to some pretty heavy house cleaning.” 

“Exactly what I needed! The texture is like a very thick paper towel so it’s quite absorbent and very easy to rinse and hang up.” 

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10 reasons our paper towels are awesome:

1. 1 cloth replaces 17 rolls

2. machine washable

3. all-natural

4. 100% compostable 

5. absorbs 20x its own weight

6. anti-bacterial

7. dries super quickly on the hook

8. eco-friendly #savethetrees

9. designed by artists

10. goodbye bulky paper towel

How long will one paper towel last?

One sheet replaces 17 ROLLS of regular paper towel! 

Most people like to compost their reusable paper towel and start a new one after 2-3 months of average wear and tear 🌱


Free shipping over $42 in ON & QC :)

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