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What's Papaya all about?

We are a lifestyle brand creating beautiful eco-friendly products that make it exciting to switch to reusables. Gone are the days of deciding between products that look good and products that do good. With Papaya, you get both. All design. Zero waste. 

How long will my reusable paper towels last? 

One cloth replaces around 17 ROLLS (not sheets, rolls!) of traditional paper towel! 

How do I care for my paper towels? 

You are so thoughtful, thank you for asking! Here are three tried and true methods to make sure your paper towels look and feel their best:

For regular, every day use: 

1. A good old fashioned hand-wash with soap and water does the trick 

For a deeper clean, you can either 

2. Throw them in with your laundry. Let them mingle with your socks. Air dry. 

3. Place them on the top rack of your dishwasher and run on a regular cycle. 

Can I use them with cleaning products? 

Yes! Your paper towels can be used with water alone, but are also compatible with any cleaning product or spray you typically use. After you're finished cleaning with them, give them a quick rinse, wring out the water and hang back up to dry! 

What makes them anti-bacterial? 

This one's a longer answer but with so many fun facts!

1. The cloth itself is made of a natural material which actually inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria! So cool, we know.

2. The material is super quick drying, especially when hung on the Papaya hook. Because it dries so quickly, it doesn't allow time for bacteria to breed (unlike other dish towels that take forever to dry and sit wet and soggy in your sink or on your counter) 

3. Our reusable paper towels are ultra absorbent - they actually absorb 20x their own weight! So unlike a regular paper towel that doesn't absorb much when it cleans, our reusable paper towels soak up most of the mess, reducing the amount of bacteria left on your surfaces. 

When should I start a new one?

You know what they say: when you know, you know! When you feel your reusable paper towel has reached the end of its useful lifecycle, into the compost bin it goes, and hello beautiful fresh reusable paper towel for you! 

Will I like my reusable paper towels?  

Do you like singing your heart out in the shower to old-school Britney and/or Whitney? Do you like stepping on a crunchy leaf on a perfect fall stroll? Do you like walking barefoot on a fluffy carpet? Taking your bra off after a long day? Drinking cheap wine in front of a cheesy rom-com?

The answer is yes: you will freakin' love them. But don't just take our word for it. Check out the reviews! 

Ever since I got my Papaya bottle, my ice has stopped melting. What is this sorcery?!

Papaya bottles are made of Food-Grade Stainless Steel and are double-walled for optimal insulation. This means no more room temp water (sorry if you're into that sort of thing) and no more lukewarm coffee! Your bottle will keep your ice-water icy for 54 hours and your steamy cup of joe warm and cozy for 36. 

Can I put my Papaya bottle in the dishwasher? 

Our bottles prefer one-on-one TLC from you whenever possible. So please hand-wash only and tell your bottle it looks nice today. 

People keep stopping me to ask where I got my Papaya bags from. 

This isn't a question. 

When will my order be arriving? 

Nobody enjoys the waiting game. That's why we created this fun little page where you can track your order. Then refresh. And refresh. And refresh. Until that cute little box arrives on your doorstep. 

What is your return policy?

We truly hope our products bring you joy! But if your order isn't giving you the same happy feels as a hug-from-mom, puppy-kisses or leftover-weekend-pizza, we'll refund your money within 30 days. Note: All returns must be sent back in original packaging. 

Do you ship to Canada? 🇨🇦  

Oh you want your reusables with a side of Timmys, Roots sweatpants, Kyle Lowry and ketchup chips, eh? Well then you're in the wrong place! Head over to to return to the motherland and shop Papaya, CA style. 

I already bought all the Papaya products. How can I get another Papaya fix?

Wow, this is your best question yet. Follow us on Instagram to see our products in action, and get all that beautiful eco-friendly lifestyle content you're craving. Happy scrolling!


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