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Say hello to reusable paper towels.

The eco alternative that replaces 17 whole rolls! They’re all natural, antibacterial, compostable and oh-so-cute.

The eco alternative that replaces 17 whole rolls! They’re all natural, antibacterial, compostable and oh-so-cute.

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"This is the first time I've used these and I love them. They take a little getting used to, but we've significantly reduced the use of paper towels in our house. They are super absorbent once they're a little wet and they dry quickly so no more smelly dish cloths! We use them like wet napkins at the table for little hands and faces - much softer than paper towels and more sustainable than baby wet naps. So far, they seem to be holding up to daily scrubbing and wringing. Glad we gave these a try!"


Sonia D.

"We have been looking for a paper towel replacement for 6 months. Everything I found had multiple sheets and I could think about was having to add more laundry. I wanted something simple! Papaya has been exactly what I was looking for and more! I use it as a sponge and paper towel. I love that it hangs because it doesn't mildew! After 2 weeks of daily use it still smells great! This has been a life changer and I will never go back. Thanks for an AMAZING product ❤️"


Stacy B.

Better than anticipated. Very absorbent and does a really awesome job of scrubbing gunk off of surfaces while still being gentle and not requiring much, if any, cleaning product! Will definitely buy again. Worth the money upfront IMO


Alison T.

"I love this product! I bought them because i noticed i was going through a million wipes and paper towels wiping my toddler and his highchair up after every meal or snack! This have been an amazing alternative! Very happy."

Top 10 ways people use Papaya:

wipe up spills

1-wipe up spills

clean your counters

2-clean your counters

wash your dishes

3-wash your dishes

wipe water from your vanity

4-wipe water from your vanity

clean up after messy toddlers

5-clean up after messy toddlers

replace paper napkins

6-replace paper napkins

absorbs 20x its own weight

7-absorbs 20x its own weight

outdoor furniture clean up

8-outdoor furniture clean up

keep your produce fresh

9-keep your produce fresh

wash windows, streak-free

10-wash windows, streak-free

These are not your mama’s dish towels! Here’s why.

Dish Towel

Dish Towel

Papaya Paper Towel

Paper Towel

Synthetic materials end
up in landfills

Natural materials are
100% compostable

akes forever to dry and
becomes a breeding
ground for bacteria

Super quick drying and
doesn't allow time for
bacteria to breed

Develops gross mildew

Smell free!

Non absorbent and just
moves spills around

Ultra-absorbent and
soaks in 20x its own
weight in liquid

Wipe up ketchup? Goes
straight in the laundry

Wipe up ketchup? Just
rinse and hang to dry!

Wash cloths and dish rags
sit wet in your sink or
hang over your faucet

Comes with a cute hook
for easy storage


What are they made of?

Our sustainable paper towels are made from a combination of two natural materials: 70% cellulose and 30% cotton - both of which are renewable resources! This also makes them 100% compostable and biodegradable, so you can throw them in your compost bin at the end of their lifecycle and start a new one guilt free :)

How long does one sheet last?

One sheet replaces 17 ROLLS of regular paper towels, and at the end of its lifecycle, it’s 100% compostable! Most people like to compost and start a new one after 2-3 months of average wear and tear, but it can actually last up to 6-9 months depending on use.

How to wash them?

For regular, everyday use, a good old fashioned hand-wash with soap and water does the trick. For a deeper clean, either throw them in your washing machine and air dry. Or, place them on the top rack of the dishwasher during a cycle!

Can I use them with cleaning products?

Yes! Your paper towels can be used with water alone, but are also compatible with any cleaning product or spray you normally use. After you're finished with them, give them a quick rinse, wring out the water and hang back up to dry!

Isn’t it just a kitchen towel?

Unlike dish towels, our reusable paper towels are all natural, antibacterial (so they don’t get that mildew smell) and even compostable so they don't end up in the landfill! They’re also wayyy more absorbent than average towels which tend to just move the mess around. Would you reach for a kitchen towel to clean a ketchup spill? Probably not, because you’d have to throw it straight in the laundry! With reusable paper towels, you can get down and dirty like a paper towel, then just rinse out the mess and hang to dry!

What makes it antibacterial?

Bacteria thrives in damp environments. So unlike dish towels, wash cloths or sponges that tend to stay damp for hours, our paper towels dry so quickly they inhibit the growth of that icky bacteria (especially when hung on the Papaya hook!). This means no more mildewy smell! Plus, the ultra absorbent material doesn’t just move the mess around. It actually absorbs all the bacteria, germs and pathogens from your surface and transfers them to the waste water when cleaned.

How does the subscription box work?

Picture a world where you don’t hoard packs of bulky, plastic covered, traditional paper towels. Instead, beautiful, washable, reusable paper towels show up at your door every 2, 3 or 4 months. You save on every order, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. Plus, you'll receive a hook with your first order, and just your paper towels on every recurring order to reduce extra waste: )

Customer Reviews

Based on 4741 reviews
Love them!!

They’ve made my messes more convenient to clean with the hook, and I love that there is no smell!

Brianna Rose
Great alternative to paper towels or wipes

I keep this on my baby’s high chair and it’s so much more eco friendly to clean her up after meals instead of using a wipe. I get it wet and then put it in the microwave for a few seconds to make it more comfortable for her. I also use it on her high chair tray afterwards

Katie B.
Absolutely love them

I use this all the time for wiping down everything, absolutely the best ever.

Cynthia James
Fantastic little things!!

I got these reusable paper towels for Christmas. I wasn’t sure if they would even last a week, but I’m still on the first one! It’s been 8 weeks and it’s still like new. They are wonderfully absorbent and so handy. I find myself wiping my counters down way more than I used to because of the convenience and the way the mini cloths feel in my hand. It dries quickly and never smells bad. So much better than sponges and way better than paper towels. I love them so much I bought some for my daughter. They’ll be great gifts for my sisters too. I really recommend these!!

Gurpreet Rishi

Have had experience with bamboo towels earlier n they were a good shift from paper towels n cheaper but not very long lasting (per sheet).
So I put the Papaya towel on a test. I used for a day, washed n hung it. I was expecting to have the foul odour in 2 days as would happen with other cloth or bamboo towels- but to my surprise not at all.. i was able to wash with soap and use right away.


Works as advertised


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