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“The Best
Swedish Dishcloth. And I’ve Tried Them All.”

Easy Storage

No more hanging over the faucet, or leaving it wet in the sink. Just use, rinse and hang to dry!

Convenient to Grab

Hang one on your backsplash, one by your kitchen sink and one in every bathroom so it’s always there when you need it.


Unlike wash cloths that sit wet in your sink breeding bacteria, Papaya dries so quickly on the hook, inhibiting the growth of bacteria!

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    Your favorite designs, delivered on a schedule that works for you.

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    Save almost 10% on every
    box when you subscribe.

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    Delay, cancel or change your
    designs at any time!


With a Papaya Subscription, you’re never stuck without a new one when you need it :)

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    “Very impressed, love that they come with hooks to hang and dry! Easy to use and clean.”


    “Wish I tried these sooner. You’ll never go back to paper towels after trying these.”

    - Kristie S.

    “These are some sturdy little towels! I love how quickly they dry, and how versatile they are.”

    - Cara B.


How long does one sheet last?

One Papaya paper towel replaces 17 ROLLS of disposable paper towel! Most people like to compost and start a new one after 2-3 months of average wear and tear, but one can last up to 6-9 months depending on use!

How does it work?

Your Papaya paper towel will feel a lil’ stiff when dry. Simply wet to soften, use it like you would a paper towel, rag or sponge, and then hang after use for our no-smell, quick-dry, easy-storage solution!

What are they made of?

Papaya paper towels are made of 70% cellulose and 30% cotton - both natural and renewable materials! So you can toss them in the compost at the end of their lifecycle and start a new one guilt free :)

How do you wash them?

For regular everyday use, hand-washing with soap and water does the trick. For a deeper clean (approx. once a week) you can machine wash & air-dry or place them on the top rack of your dishwasher during a cycle!

What makes them antibacterial?

Papaya’s materials are super quick drying (especially when hung on our hook!). Most bacteria thrives in damp environments, so unlike dish towels, wash cloths or sink sponges that tend to stay damp and never get fully dry, Papaya paper towels dry so quickly, they inhibit the growth of that icky bacteria!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2737 reviews
Love them

We buy maybe one roll of paper towels for emergencies only per month and don't use cloth dishrags anymore. Have a dedicated one for kitchen and one for everything else at all times. Love these.

Diana Enns-Buford

The papaya reusable towels exceeded my expectations. Easy to squeeze to leave damp and dry without odor.

Carrie Brue

Works great

Mary L Holt

They work well!

Yania Barnas

So it has been almost 2 months since my first papaya order and let me just say I’m shocked!!! I am still using the very first papaya paper towel I ordered!! I have one in the kitchen, and in each bathroom (3). The one in the kitchen which gets used the most, multiple times per day, still looks great! It cleans my counters, stove top, microwave, fridge, dining table and random spills from my 7 year old daily! It’s not falling apart, design still in tact, even after some bleach use, still super absorbent and doesn’t stink. I used to go through 1 roll of regular paper towels about every 2-3 days, because I used them for everything. So if my math is correct, papaya saved me from buying close to 20 rolls of paper towels! Like I said, my kitchen papaya still looks great and the only reason I was thinking of putting in a new one is just for a different design! I have already reordered different designs because I was so excited but I may have gotten carried away and probably won’t need more paper towels for at least a year at this rate!!! So glad I found papaya, I will be a forever customer!!!!

Connie D'Aubin
Love it!

These are great towels. I've used a lot fewer paper towels since I got Papaya. Will order again.


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